Form B Multiple Days

Multiple day meetings/New Official or updating existing details.

Thank you for wanting to help out. New Officials, please place the meeting Race Code in the Comments field ... If the meeting Code is not in the list, please place in 'Comments'.
Please fill in details and submit at end. Fields marked as * are required.

About you

Please ensure that your email is correct and working as most communication will be electronic
Date of birth (if under 18).

CAMS Information

Please enter 99 if you don't have a CAMS ID.

It is preferred that you hold an Accredited CAMS Official's Licence and are available for all days of a meeting

In case of emergency (ICE)

If you aren't available ...

If you are available ...

Please choose one option: New Official, Update Details or a Meeting.

choose one option for the meeting selected above for each day


Please give details for at least 4 of your most recent officiating roles.

EventDateYour role

Preferred role(s), if available. In order of preference. example: flag marshal.

Please note: this option is only applicable to V8 events. If you are sending this form for any other meeting, the shirt size is irrelevant as no shirt is provided.
Any Special Needs, Medical or Mobility Conditions?
New Officials please place the Meeting Race Code in the Comments field...If the Meeting Code is not in the list, please place in the Comments field.

thank you for taking the time to fill in our form...we will see you soon at the next race meeting