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The easiest way of tracking the practice days at Symmons Plains and Baskerville is to 'like' the Motorsports Tasmania Facebook Page, where dates are posted at the beginning of each month and others will be added as availability and requests arise.

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Process to attend private practice days at Baskerville and Symmons Plains Raceways

Each month “if available”, several days may be nominated for private practice car sessions at each circuit. These will be advertised on both the MST Website and the MST Facebook page. In order to drive on our track’s, you will need to have a CAMS competition Speed licence (L2S) or higher and you also will need a current CAMS affiliated Car Club membership. The current hire fees are as follows; $150.00 per Driver per day or a discount rate of $100.00 per Driver per day is offered to current financial members of MST shareholder/member clubs. Those membership clubs are:

  • MG Car Club of Tasmania

  • Mini Car Club of Tasmania

  • Light Car Club of Tasmania

  • Hobart Sporting Car Club

  • Club Motori Italia

Track activity commences at 9.00am and finishes at 4pm with gates opening at 7.00am. All participants in Private Practice days must wear wrist-to-neck-to-ankle fire resistant clothing and a helmet that meets Australian Standard 1698 or higher. If you have a race suit, it is recommended you wear it along with all other safety items.

Upon arrival at the Raceway you will need to sign in, show your Motorsport Australia Licence  and Car Club membership. You will then be briefed by our official using briefing notes and please note the map of the Raceway which shows the layout of the raceway, position of traps, pit entry and exit and the direction of travel around the Raceway. 


Please remember that our practice days are for mechanical testing, driver awareness and driver training and there is No Racing allowed, (that’s what club days and Race meetings are for) and that more than one driver are permitted to drive in a single vehicle provided they meet the licence requirements and have paid and signed the Private Practice Form. Where you would like to attend either raceway for a practice session outside that of the set days, this may be able to be accommodated and you will need to either email [email protected] or telephone our General Manager 0447 315 114 who will be able to confirm if the Raceway/s are available on the date you are seeking. Please bear in mind that both raceways are regularly hired for a range of events each month.

Motorcycle practice days

Please see the following bike clubs websites for details on their ride’s days and or their private practice days.

Sports Riders Club (Baskerville)

Tasmanian Motorcycle Club of Tas (Symmons Plains)

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