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The Donald Gorringe, Hobart Sporting Car Club Pedestrian Bridge

The pedestrian bridge at Baskerville Raceway was originally the pedestrian bridge at the Longford Grand Prix Circuit.

Hobart Sporting Car Club founding member, Donald Gorringe had come upon a second-hand steel structure that could be made into the basis of an overhead bridge. Donald proceeded to have the structure made up and erected on the Longford side of the BP Control Tower as part of track improvements for the 1965 Australian Grand Prix.

In 1969 with the demise of the Longford Grand Prix Circuit, the bridge was donated to the HSCC by Donald, and with assistance from fellow founding HSCC member Don Elliott, he funded the relocation and installation to Baskerville Raceway. In return the bridge wore the Donald Gorringe name for many years.

The bridge was eventually moved further long pit straight to it’s current location (see picture) which included a refurbishment and the pit side stairs turned 90 degrees to the bridge.

In July 2016, the Hobart Sporting Car Club in support of the Baskerville Foundation, undertook and funded a $75,000.00 refurbishment of the existing structure to bring the bridge back up to an acceptable standard once again. The HSCC with support from Motorsports Tasmania, are delighted to once again see the name Donald Gorringe reunited with the pedestrian bridge at this iconic circuit.  

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